Are you dealing with hail damage?  Did you get stuck driving in the middle of a hail storm?

If so, then you might be unsure as to what your next steps are. What do you do when you have hail damage to your car? Who do you reach out to for help?

The next steps that you take will play a big role in whether or not you get a proper restoration. Be sure to use a trusted auto body shop throughout this process.

See below for more information on what to do after you’ve received car hail damage to get your car back to its previous condition!

1. Record the Hail Storm

Any proof that you can provide for the hail storm is important. Many people think the damage itself is proof enough, but that isn’t necessarily the case.

Your insurance company might need a little more proof when you file a hail damage claim. The best form of proof is to record a video of the hailstorm while you’re in or around the car that’s receiving damage.

For example, if your car is parked in your driveway when the hailstorm is occurring, be sure to take a video of it from your front porch to serve as proof. The video will also have the date and time saved on it, which will help provide further proof.

If you’re driving while the hailstorm is happening, be sure to pull off to a sheltered part of the road before recording it.

If you’re driving on the highway, safely exit and try parking under protective covering areas such as gas stations, car washes, covered parking ports to record the hailstorm.  Once the storm passes, safely walk around your car to show the current damage at the time of recording. Just for the sake of diligence, be sure to write down the date and time.

2. Inspect Your Car After the Hailstorm

Now that the hailstorm has passed, it’s time for you to assess all of the damage that your car received. Start by walking around the car and looking for any dents, cracked glass, etc.

Be sure to do this as soon as the hailstorm clears so that you can take a few photos of the size (and amount) of the hail as well.

Take photos of all the damage that you see. Start with the body of your car, but also be sure to check your windows, car lights, and body panels for damage. Even the most minute of damages should be reported so that they can be fixed.

3. Contact Your Insurance Provider

Not all states are created equal in terms of hail damage coverage. Some states have hail damage more frequently than others.

Even with the higher likelihood in your state, you need to reach out and make sure hail damage is covered by your provider. Some only offer it for those that had comprehensive coverage before the storm occurred.

Take the time to carefully talk through all the details with your insurance agent. They will be happy to describe the process to you and how you can get your car back to its prime aesthetic.

4. Take Your Car to Get Appraised

Because the hail damage reporting process is so elaborate, likely, your insurance company will only trust certain shops with an appraisal.

That’s why you need to use an experience hail damage repair shop to receive a quote. There you’ll receive a free consultation and a thorough explanation of the damage that you’ve received.

They can also explain the different types of dent repairs that you can choose from. For example, depending on the severity of the damage, you might consider a paintless dent repair, conventional body repair, or a mixture of the two.

Most importantly, the dent repair shop can help you communicate the damage and cost of repair to your insurance company. You’ll be in constant communication with them every step of the way.

5. Prioritize the Emergencies

For the most part, hail damage only hurts the aesthetic of your car. However, there are certainly times where they can inhibit your ability to drive the car, such as a broken windshield.

In those moments it’s important to remember that you shouldn’t wait to get the treatment all at once. Make sure to get the windows fixed before anything else.

That said, you also don’t want to wait too long to get the dents replaced. The longer that you wait, the harder it will be to get your car back to its original form.  Certain insurance companies only allow a certain time period to file claims.  Please confirm with your insurance company what their policies are.

6. Use a Trusted Dent Repair Service

Once you’ve received the green light from your insurance company and have received a quote, it’s time to get your vehicle back into shape!

Be sure to only conduct business with dent repair shops that have been around the community for a while. Many other businesses come in after a hailstorm just to make money, then leave as soon as they’ve made their money.

Using a trusted damage repair service in your community will ensure that you receive the best auto care possible. It will be as if the hailstorm never happened!

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